Eco-Magnetic EasyPopUp®

Eco-Magnetic EasyPopUp® In a complete departure from the expected norm, friends of the earth with not have to pay more for this environmentally-friendly model, but less in fact, because avoiding all those poisonous pollutants which result from manufacturing neodymium (rare-earth) magnets saves money.  Even more so since China gained control of most of the world’s production and dramatically increased prices. Innovative design enables this model to match and exceed the performance of others, with greater mechanical structural integrity, and greater multi-purpose application flexibility.

Uneven floors can make it difficult to align graphic panels in some exhibiting venues.  A problem overcome by adding our adjustable feet to frame bottoms when required.

A huge variety of configurations are easy to achieve, including impressive high towers and many others which you may not have thought of.

EasyStands - Eco-Magnetic EasyPopUp
EasyStands - Eco-Magnetic EasyPopUp
EasyStands - Eco-Magnetic EasyPopUp

Fabric Panels

Velcro®-friendly fabric panels of attractive appearance in their own right, allow unlimited changes of what is displayed with no graphic printing costs, using existing promotional materials.  And these panels cost less than printed panels.

Internal Shelving

Display products or literature within the structure of your pop-up stand, either curved or straight, with a shelving unit with two clear acrylic shelves for use flat or sloping, with twin down-lights, supplied in padded carry bag.

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