Low-Price RollUp

Low-Price RollUp One of our longest-serving models, which we have consistently refused to cheapen by thinning the aluminium to reduce cost as others have done, because its performance so far exceeds other roller banners with swing-out feet. It remains consistently near the top of our best seller list and has an incredibly loyal following by those who know exactly why. Available up to 2 metres wide, and shockingly-good value. Banner height of 2 metres can be increased to 2.15m.

EasyStands - Low-Price RollUp

Banner display height

All of our retractable stands can be reduced by the simple expedient of cutting the pole(s) shorter with a powersaw or hacksaw.

Cassette Banner Stands

EasyChange banner mounting made these unnecessarily expensive stands completely redundant years ago. Ultra-low-profile hook and loop tape manufactured for us in large quantities by Velcro® in Italy is used at very low cost indeed for instant banner changes on existing stands in any location by anyone.  Rolled replacement banners are sent in shipping tubes with no reason for anything more costly.

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