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We are a genuine manufacturer with our own factory in Asia that supplies all our needs. The fact that we don’t import from third-party factories in China means we have total control of all aspects of factory production. Therefore we can ensure not only total quality, but also much better value for money as there is no middle-man between us and our customers.


New materials and manufacturing processes have enabled us to streamline our designs; fewer parts means cheaper prices, better reliability, and easier assembly.


With our own production we are able to guarantee the quality of our products. We are constantly improving designs and manufacturing processes enabling us to provide quality at unbeatable prices.


We can meet your demands from 10-10,000 and always hold stock of spare parts.

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Speed of change in today’s world is so great that we are constantly developing new products, and making refinements to existing ones. Printed literature cannot keep up.

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Rapide EasyPopUp®

Rapide EasyPopUp® Offering vastly superior performance over pop-ups which lack cross-bracing, Rapide is fully magnetic and mechanically self-locking - it does not rely upon magnets to hold the frame up. The rigidity of the frame ensures graphics are aligned easily,...

EasyStands - Rapide EasyPopUp Find out more

Magnetic EasyPopUp®

Magnetic EasyPopUp® Following the fashion in recent years for pop-ups which use magnets to hold themselves up, this model goes further.  With a hybrid combination of magnetically-attached magnetic bars vertically, and the ability to add mechanically-attached ones horizontally to achieve...

EasyStands - Magnetic EasyPopUp Find out more

Eco-Magnetic EasyPopUp®

Eco-Magnetic EasyPopUp® In a complete departure from the expected norm, friends of the earth with not have to pay more for this environmentally-friendly model, but less in fact, because avoiding all those poisonous pollutants which result from manufacturing neodymium (rare-earth)...

EasyStands - Eco-Magnetic EasyPopUp Find out more

Textile EasyPopUp®

Textile EasyPopUp® Frames to which featherweight textile graphics are attached with Velcro® (or similar) need no magnetic bars, resulting in very lightweight displays which can travel in a bag. Suitable graphics (stretchable polyester) can be kept mounted on the frame...

EasyStands - Textile EasyPopUp Find out more

EasyCase Lite

EasyCase Lite Semi-rigid wheeled case with extending handle, suitable for small pop-up stands, or graphics, or extra components to limit moulded case weight to common carrier limit of 30kg for shipping.

EasyStands - EasyCase Light Find out more

EasyCase Canvas

EasyCase Canvas Wheeled transport bag 102cm high internally, suitable for some products which are too long for the moulded case. Often supplied with a very strong cardboard tube insert for graphics protection.

EasyStands - EasyCase Canvas Find out more

Graphics Transport Tubes Canvas

Graphics Transport Tubes Canvas Suitable for transport of lightweight rolled graphics, in lightweight carry bag.

EasyStands - Graphics Transport Tubes Find out more

EasyCase Landscape

EasyCase Landscape Black Landscape Case 125 x 35 x 37cm with steel handles at ends and lid straps (no wheels) suitable for roll-ups up to 120cm long, and transport of miscellaneous exhibiting accessories.

EasyStands - EasyCase Landscape Find out more

EasyCase Deluxe

EasyCase Deluxe Rotationally-moulded Polyethylene case with wheels for pop-up stands primarily, so much more durable than the blow-moulded cases supplied by many.  Takes a graphic wrap for use as a counter.

EasyStands - EasyCase Delux Find out more

EasyBanner® Snap

EasyBanner® Snap Fast banner mounting by anyone in any location using simple snap-on rails at top and bottom not only makes life easier for mounters initially, but also for users on into the future. Replacement banners can be swapped for...

EasyStands - EasyBanner Snap Find out more

EasyBanner® Joinable

EasyBanner® Joinable The extremely rigid rails used on this model at top and bottom can be joined together, along with the graphic banners, to produce wide displays with seamless graphics which transport very easily in small packages. Simple magnetic joining...

EasyStands - EasyBanner Joinable Find out more

EasyBanner® Extra-wide

EasyBanner® Extra-wide For maximum simplicity when displaying wider free-standing graphics, when length for transport to venues is not a problem, EasyBanner is available using one-piece rails up to 2.9m wide, with simple bases and pole supports out of sight behind.

EasyStands - EasyBanner Extra-wide Find out more

EasyBanner® Board

EasyBanner® Board Rigid displays up to 40mm thick are mounted in one or more of these bases, requiring no other support. Ideal for direct-to-board flatbed printers.

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EasyBanner® Landscape

EasyBanner® Landscape Use this A-frame stand either Double or Single-sided with bungee-attached banners in various sizes, including custom sizes for same-day despatch.

EasyStands - EasyBanner Landscape Find out more

EasyBanner® Wall-frame

EasyBanner® Wall-frame Simple banner frame with brackets for wall attachment, using banner mounted with included bungees.

EasyBanner® Wall-frame Find out more

EasyBanner® Telescopic

EasyBanner® Telescopic Adjustable width and height banner frame stand up to 2.5mW x 2.4mH using pole pockets or bungees, in bag. Add optional Tube Covers for improved banner appearance with pole pockets.

EasyStands - EasyBanner Telescopic Find out more

EasyBanner® “X”

EasyBanner® “X” Floor-standing tension banner for banner size of 60 to 80cm wide x 180cm high, using corner eyelets for banner mounting. One of the cheapest portable stand types available.

EasyStands - EasyBanner X Find out more

EasyBanner® Forecourt

EasyBanner® Forecourt Designed to withstand the elements outdoors, with water-fillable base and spring-mounted snap-frame to flex in the wind, wheels are provided to enable changing position even when filled with water (35kg).

EasyBanner® Fourcourt Find out more

EasyBanner® Outdoor “X

EasyBanner® Outdoor “X” Water-filled base weighs 18kg to firmly hold the X-banner above with adjustable mast height of 160 to 180cm and width of around 80cm.

EasyStands - EasyBanner Outdoor X Find out more

EasyBanner® Flying

EasyBanner® Flying - Feather Teardrop stands Dye-sublimation printing techniques on polyester fabrics have led to growing popularity of these advertising displays, as printing costs reduce over time. With base choices available for soft and hard surfaces, they fulfill their purpose...

EasyStands - EasyBanner Flying Find out more

EasyBanner® Water Flag 5m

EasyBanner® Water Flag 5m 5m portable Flagpole for 3.9 x 1.1m flag or smaller, with water-fillable base weighing 35kg.

EasyStands - EasyBanner Water Flag 5m Find out more

EasyRoll Banner®

EasyRoll Banner® - “King of Roll-ups” At the top of our range (and probably the whole industry) this attractive and immensely strong stand is stocked in many sizes up to a massive 2.9 metres wide, and available to factory order...

EasyStands - EasyRoll Banner Find out more

EasyBanner® RollUp

EasyBanner® RollUp Next-best thing to our top of the range “King of RollUps” model, this broad-base single-sided stand with snap-on rail needs no swing-out feet for stability, and instead has two small adjustable feet beneath the body to compensate for...

EasyStands - EasyBanner RollUp Find out more


Buz™ Featuring double-milling for the support pole - a feature universally reserved throughout our industry for far more expensive stands - pole stability is guaranteed in use, avoiding any possibility of sideways collapse from user error. Thickness of aluminium used...

EasyStands - Buz Find out more


EasyOriental™ Our economiser model for minimum cost in the most popular high-volume sizes. Adhesive rail can be upgraded to snap-on, and thin bag can be upgraded to padded. Pole bottom locator prevents sideways collapse from user error.

EasyStands - EasyOriental Find out more

Low-Price RollUp

Low-Price RollUp One of our longest-serving models, which we have consistently refused to cheapen by thinning the aluminium to reduce cost as others have done, because its performance so far exceeds other roller banners with swing-out feet. It remains consistently...

EasyStands - Low-Price RollUp Find out more

Low-Price RollUp TWIN

Low-Price RollUp TWIN When a stand doesn’t have to stand against a wall, using both sides doubles your impact, for less than double your cost. The solid aluminium bar foot on this stand is a thing of beauty in itself....

EasyStands - Low-Price RollUp TWIN Find out more

Quick+Easy RollUp

Quick+Easy RollUp An exceptionally thick aluminium body combines with an extra full-length web of aluminium to enable double pole milling and provide enormous rigidity for this model, which is our only roll-up which weighs as much as its size. Its...

EasyStands - Quick+Easy RollUp Find out more


EasyBrochure Literature display which rolls up very small for transport. Not suitable for dispensing literature as capacity is limited.

EasyStands - EasyBrochure Find out more


EasyFold Folding literature display and dispensing stand with clear acrylic pockets of 3cm depth to hold lots of literature and not need refilling too often.  Travels in bag and custom padded shipping carton included.

EasyStands - EasyFold Find out more


EasyCounter Pop-up frame configured as an impressive counter with folding wooden top and 2 internal shelves, normally supplied in wheeled bag for transport with one-piece graphic to front and ends.

EasyStands - EasyCounter Find out more

EasyCounter Mini

EasyCounter Mini Smaller size counter with over-size top and 3 internal shelves, normally supplied in wheeled bag for transport with one-piece graphic to front and ends.

EasyStands - EasyCounter Mini Find out more

EasyCounter Tambour

EasyCounter Tambour Simplicity itself with an attractive grey rollable wall supported by wooden base and top, for use with or without graphics on the wall.

EasyStands - EasyCounter Tambour Find out more

EasyCounter Textile

EasyCounter Textile A pop-up counter configuration designed for dye-sublimation or similar textile graphic cover, which can also be used with other graphic media. Supplied with one shelf, in wheeled transport bag.

EasyStands - EasyCounter Textile Find out more


EasyPromo For retail in-store and in-mall tastings and other promotions, this portable solution fits the bill nicely, and can be re-branded by anyone, anywhere in seconds when graphics are mounted using our fast-change system, custom-manufactured for us by Velcro®.

EasyStands - EasyPromo Find out more

EasyLight for Banner Stands

EasyLight for Banner Stands Our mains voltage banner stand light avoids the cost of a transformer and comes with a 50 watt Halogen lamp, complete with secure mounting bracket which fits almost any banner stand pole.  Far superior to those...

EasyStands - EasyLight for Banner Stands Find out more

EasyLight for Pop-ups

EasyLight for Pop-ups Halogen Floodlight 150 or 200 watt light-arm with bracket for any pop-up, and extra-long power cord.  The standard bracket positions lights roughly in the centre of panels, and we also stock brackets which attach to frame hubs,...

EasyStands - EasyLight for Pop-ups Find out more

EasyLight LED

EasyLight LED 800 lumens (4000k) light-arm with bracket for any pop-up, and extra-long power cord.  Venues are increasingly moving away from halogen towards LED lighting to save power and reduce heat generation, with mainland Europe leading the way.  However, when...

EasyStands - EasyLight LED Find out more

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