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Graphics for Shell Scheme Stands

The cheapest form of exhibiting at most shows is to rent a bare shell scheme stand which is little more than blank walls which look the same as all your neighbours – hardly achieving your objective of getting noticed!

The cheapest form of displaying a graphic presentation to attract attention in a shell scheme stand is to use the walls, but many venue rules make this difficult, hoping you will use free-standing portable displays like ours instead of attaching anything to their walls.

Please contact us for details of our very simple, low-cost system for applying graphics temporarily to stand walls, office walls, and any other walls, without damaging the wall surface in any way.

Trade Graphics Service

For those of our customers who do not have their own printers, or enough of them, or the right machine for a job, we provide high-quality graphics production, and fast lead times. Many customers who print banners, rely upon our expertise in producing far more demanding high quality, long-lasting pop-up panels. This service is provided to trade re-seller customers.

Product List

Please ask for a Product List to see all currently available sizes of each stand model, and details of spares and accessories, and shipping weights and volumes.

Bags and Boxes

We always have many thousands of bags and boxes in stock in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Let us know what would be useful to you.


Secure storage is available to customers in our large, modern warehouses near Southampton, with excellent road connections to airports and channel ports, and a constant stream of carriers collecting from us every weekday.


In 2006 we moved our business from the western side of Southern England (Atlantic coast) to the busy channel container port of Southampton. This produced a significant cost saving for the most expensive miles of the journey made by our products from our factory which is of necessity 6,000 miles away. Our containers now travel only 5 miles from port to warehouse at very much lower cost.

Courier deliveries nationwide are made at the same contracted rates to our customers, regardless of where we are, and for exports, we are as close as it gets to start the journey.

We like living in Hampshire too.

Things to avoid when choosing roll-up or pull-up stands

Dangerous swinging hook rail

Not only is the top of the pole unsightly above the banner in use, but users risk injury when extending the banner into display position by pulling this hook at the top against motor pressure.

EasyStands - Useful Information

Crescent-moon pole location

EasyStands - Useful Information

Insufficient pole positioning allows sideways collapse, with nothing but a crescent cut-out to locate it properly, which is very unreliable.

Deceit of adding cheap weight

EasyStands - Useful Information

Prosthetic pole support

EasyStands - Useful Information

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